GES will supply and install a 1.38kW solar power system at your home for $2,650.00 including GST, special includes:-
  • 1 x SMA SB1600TL German made inverter with 5 year warranty
  • 6 x 230w German solar premiumline solar panels, 25 year performance guarantee
  • Standard installation on pitched tin or tile roof
  • Stainless steel and anodised aluminium mounting frames and brackets
  • All cabling, conduit and protection devices
  • Installed by our own CEC accredited, fully insured installers with 2 year workmanship warranty
  • Offer excludes supply authority Net Metering (usually $350 for standard metering install)

For a limited time only!

* Terms & Conditions apply
  1. This special does not include the supply and installation of the net meter to enable customers to export their excess electricity to the grid. The standard metering installation cost is approx $350 but may increase depending on the condition and the age of the customers meter panel / switchboard. GES can arange meter installation on behalf of our customers.
  2. System must be installed and completed on or before 30th June 2013 and be eligible for the zone 3 solar credits program.
  3. This special is only available to residential customer’s premises that are located in either the Sydney Metropolitan area or Central Coast / Hunter regions and come under the Ausgrid or Endeavour Energy Supply Grid / Network and comply with the zone 3 solar credits program participation guidelines. Customers that fall under other supply authorities networks and are outside of the included regions may be subject to a small surcharge for additional travel and metering costs. These additional costs will be determined during quotation stage and will be agreed prior to system order.
  4. This special is for standard installation only and is subject to a site inspection of the premises. Additional costs apply for non standard installations such as flat roofs or installations that require tilt brackets or any additional materials and labour that may be required due to non standard premises. Any additional costs will be provided during quotation stage and will be agreed with the customer prior to order being placed.
  5. Global Environmental Services Pty Ltd reserves the right to amend the price, terms and conditions of this special offer at its discretion.
  6. This special offer includes the use of quality products – German solar 230w multi-crystalline solar panels with 25 year manufacturer’s output warranties and SMA German inverter with 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  7. The customer must agree to assign the REC’s (Renewable Energy Certificates) that are created for installing this system to Global Environmental Services Pty Ltd as part of this supply agreement and advertised discounted price. If the customer would like to keep the REC’s and sell themselves at a later date then the REC’s amount will need to be added to our special offer price (above) to give the total system cost excluding REC’s discount.
  8. This special offer is based on a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC’s) price of $30 each. The value of REC’s can change from week to week as the REC’s market is based on supply and demand. Due to these market fluctuations in REC’s value GES reserve the right to adjust our quoted price if the price of REC’s falls by more than $2.00 each prior to the quotation being accepted and a deposit being paid. Once the quote has been accepted and a deposit has been paid GES will honor the agreed REC’s price regardless of market fluctuations and we will honor our quoted price.

GES make installing your solar system easy. We will arrange the solar credits rebate for you and offer it as an upfront discount so all you have to do is pay the difference. All you need to do is Contact GES today for an obligation free quote and go solar! Contact Us

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