Grid connected solar power systems are the most popular systems which do not include any batteries. The solar power is generated by the solar panels that can be fixed to the building’s roof or on purpose built poles and stands. The power generated is used by your electrical appliances and equipment first with any excess power not consumed fed back into the supply grid adding credit to your electricity bill. At night when the sun is not shining the building uses power from the supply grid as normal. These systems are good for residential properties, community use buildings, businesses and schools and also offer the security of still being connected to the power grid.

A grid connected solar power system can save thousands of dollars off your future power bills. It can also save tonnes of green house gas emissions being released into the earth’s atmosphere. Systems range in size from 1kW to 10kW and can be tailored to suit your needs and budget with expandable systems allowing customers to install additional panels to their system as they can afford them.

At GES we use the highest quality materials and equipment for our grid connected solar power systems with 25 year manufacturer’s output warranties on all our solar panels and German SMA inverters with 5 year warranties that are extendable to 20 years. Our friendly, experienced team of installers are fully insured, licensed and accredited with the Clean Energy Council of Australia. We have installed hundreds of quality systems and we have hundreds of happy satisfied customers.

With the abundance of sun in Australia it makes sense to go solar. The positive benefits are many which makes installing solar a sound investment.


  • Reduces your electricity bills and saves you money
  • Protects you against annual rises in electricity costs
  • Sound investment that adds value to your home or building
  • Attractive addition for potential purchasers of your property
  • Earns building efficiency points for new homes (BASIX)
  • Reduces green house gas emissions
  • Better for the environment and future generations
  • Clean, green silent energy production
  • Long lasting with life expectancies in excess of 25 years
  • Extensive warranties of up to 25 years
  • Attractive government rebates & grants to eligible customers
  • Suitable for a wide variety of locations and building types
  • Solar credit rebates that are available to everyone, including businesses

The Australian Federal Governments solar credits program is still operating and this program offers rebates of around $2,000 for a 1.5kW solar power system and more for larger systems (based on REC’s price of $32 each). Solar credit rebates are no longer means tested. This means that all small scale retail electricity consumers qualify, including residential properties, rental properties and businesses.

Add these generous rebates to the savings that be made on your future power bills as well as the lower cost of installing a system and going solar is still a sound investment.

GES make installing your solar system easy. We will arrange the solar credits rebate for you and offer it as an upfront discount so all you have to do is pay the difference. We also take care of the feed in tariff and net metering for you. All you need to do is Contact GES today for an obligation free quote and go solar! Contact Us

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